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Decreased voter registration at public assistance agencies after the 2012 Presidential election -- findings, analysis and suggestions based on Ohio's experience,  version of 9-3-13 (Watch for future updates) See Report

Ohio's Rejection of Provisional Ballots in the 2012 vs 2008 General Election – lessons learned See Report

Analysis of early in-person and mail-in absentee voting in the Ohio 2012 general election compared to 2008 (See Report)

Update, 9-27-2012: Does Ohio have "fair" and sensible rules for early in-person (EIP) voting? See Report

Update, 9-27-2012: Elimination of the last 3 days of early in-person voting in 2012 could affect about 97,000 voters statewide See Report

Do White, African American, and Hispanic/Latino EIP Voters Differ from Election Day and Vote by Mail Voters in Income? See Report

"Racial and ethnic proportions of early in-person voters in Cuyahoga County, General Election 2008, and implications for 2012 See Report

Franklin County: 2008 Early In-Person Voting See Report

Estimating the number of voters without state ID" See Report

Effects of HB194 and SB148 on absentee voting. Part 1. Expected crowdiing of in-person absentee voting in 2012 See Report

Effects of HB194 and SB148 on absentee voting. Part 2. Variation between Ohio counties in usage of and need for absentee ballots, and its effects on crowding of polling places on election day." (and combined conclusions of Parts 1 and 2) See Report

The rationale of "consistency" for prohibiting mailings of absentee applications to all registered voters and for reducing days available for early voting is faulty. The data show that HB194 imposes new unequal burdens on voters in different counties. See Report

Documentation of how HB194 restricts votinig or makes it more difficult (including update on early in-person voting in 2008) See Report