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The mission of Northeast Ohio Voter Advocates, a non-partisan organization, is to:

  1. Enable and expand voter education and registration in underrepresented areas of the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, and other counties of Northeast Ohio; and

  2. Improve elections in Ohio through research and advocacy for legislative and administrative changes.


    Registering Voters, Training Volunteers, Research and Advocacy, Participation in State of Ohio activities, and Future Plans. For details, click on NOVA PROJECTS

Sample of NOVA activities in 2012

1. Voter registration in Cleveland High Schools, super markets, and other public sites where we can be of assistance to under-represented populations (mostly low income and/or minority). See maps below.

2. Train community groups and agencies to carry out effective voter registration with a minimum number of errors.

3. Research (see Report titles below)  early in-person voting. Our report alerted Ohioans to the great extent of early voting in 2008, especially in the last 3 days.  Also our research reports on disproportionate usage of early in-person voting by minority and low income citizens were frequently noted in the media and also were cited in court rulings which led to restoration of early voting on the Saturday through Monday before election day.

4. Cooperation with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to develop a voter search protocol which would reduce the number of voters disqualified  because they were thought to be “not registered”.

See our new maps of 2012 NOVA registration sites related to race and income:
(Click on maps to see larger images)

NOVA 2012 Voter Registration sites in relation to percent of African-Americans

NOVA 2012 Voter Registration Sites in relation to median household income



"Decreased voter registration at public assistance agencies after the 2012 Presidential election -- findings, analysis and suggestions based on Ohio's experience",  version of 9-3-13 (Watch for future updates) See Report

"Ohio's Rejection of Provisional Ballots in the 2012 vs 2008 General Election – lessons learned" See Report

"Analysis of early in-person and mail-in absentee voting in the Ohio 2012 general election compared to 2008" (See Report)


If you have questions or would like to join or participate in our activities, please contact
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